hire a web designerHire a Web Designer –
What you need to know

For many small to medium size businesses the decision to hire a Web Designer has become a reality. Many are realizing that it is Imperative to expand their marketing efforts into the digital world. Many are realizing that to get their business promotions and ads in front of their target market through the Internet can be very effective. Many are realizing the potential that can come from knowing how to market effectively on the Internet? Many have heard and are seeing the success stories which are becoming more and more common. Small and Medium Size business need to realize that marketing on the Internet is not an expense. It’s an investment. When done right, it doesn’t really cost money. It pays for itself and more. It creates profit through what is known in the Marketing Industry as “Return On Investment” (ROI).

Hire a Web Designer –
What’s the Big Deal

Is Web Design Imperative? We would say yes of course. So would a large swath of American business. Big business has proven it through their ubiquitous presence on the net. Both the decision makers and marketing experts employed by them do nothing that has not already proven to generate ROI. Nevertheless, having a website makes no difference unless it gets in the face of your target market with compelling sales copy. It should be pointed out that there is a big difference between good sales copy and compelling sales copy.

Two of “thee” most important things to consider when you hire a web designer is whether the site will be built on a platform that is user friendly and will facilitate the implementation of functionality which is required for Internet Marketing such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media integration and Responsive Web Design (Website designs that make the optimal best practices adjustments for viewing and ease of use on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.) to name a few. Facilitating implementation means you don’t need to hire a hundred dollar per hour web designer every time you want to add functionality or content to your website. You can do it yourself or have any one of your employees who has a moderate understanding of computers do it if you’re using the right platform.

Hire a Web Designer –
Who Has Marketing Expertise

Traditionally businesses have marketed on TV, Radio, Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Magazines, billboards and the little add booklets like the Penny Saver and so forth. In walks the Internet. Are you aware of what an impact the Internet has had on Marketing for business today? The affect that TV, Yellow Pages, Radio and all the other traditional types of marketing have had has almost been supplanted by the Internet. Ultimately in many if not most markets the Internet is driving the Lions share of all sales. Wouldn’t you rather be marketing on the media which is driving the lion’s share of Sales?

The Internet provides a far superior tool for tracking marketing campaign results which often is not very easy, or in many cases not even possible on traditional marketing media. That means that you can get a far superior understanding of how effective and how many results are generated from each marketing campaign that you promote over the internet as opposed to traditional advertising media. Additionally the Internet provides Social Interaction and customer reviews which provide businesses with a very powerful means to drive sales. Those are just a few of the very compelling reasons to hire a web designer who excels in marketing expertise.
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Hire a Web Designer –
who works with the best platform

So what would qualify as a platform that would facilitate not only Internet Marketing functionality, but all the other functionality that is required for a website, and is user friendly? The answer would resoundingly be WordPress especially for Small to Medium size business (SMB) and even big business in some cases.

How can we say that? WordPress is the most popular website software in the world. Over 60 million webiste are powered by wordrpess. There are many reasons for that. One of them being that it’s simply the best overall especially for Small to Medium size business (SMB). No other website application is more powerful, and yet so user friendly.

In today’s economy, businesses which employ effective, creative marketing strategies will continue to survive and even thrive. On the other hand, many who don’t will continue to add to the statistic of failed enterprise. Having someone who can guarantee ROI is Imperative. That’s what we do.

There are those who are just too busy with their successful business not having time to learn all the ins and outs of Internet Marketing AND the technology to boot. Upon marketing success their attention will need to be focused on optimizing operational performance of their own business and doing what they do best. These are our target market. There are also some who would love to participate in the marketing adventure doing what they can while they develop their “In House” marketing team. For these we can provide both consulting and the services that are lacking as the “In House” team builds their skill-set. The rest we are delighted to help. All are welcome.

If you are in the market to hire a web designer, then we may just be your best choice. You are our target market. If you are reading our sales copy right now as our target market, then it would only stand to reason that we can get your website in front of your target market just as our’s is in front of you. If you are not looking to hire a web designer, then this will still be a really good place for you to get the tools you need, and learn all you need to know about web design and development for Marketing.
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